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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Newsonia.com:

  1. What is Newsonia.com?

    Newsonia.com is two things. Firstly it is a 24-hour international (moving) image-based news agency bringing you the news that happen around the world. You can buy raw content, or edited complete reports from it.Secondly, it is an online market place where you can upload your videos and pictures for selling them. We even have an online TV with our edited reports based on newsonia reports. Check it out!

  2. What is Newsonia.com not?

    Newsonia.com is not a video-sharing website. We would like you to upload the kind of videos that can be useful for those – generally the media - who want to edit hard or soft news reports and are in need of raw content. The site would like to exploit the new opportunities for news reporting, facilitated by the digital age when more and more people have digital cameras and smartphones. Today’s digital world opens up new doors for news as citizen journalists – the so-called ordinary people - can be on the right place at the right time where and when professional reporters cannot reach to. Also, it facilitates the representation of every single person’s angle and point of view. This is what we would like to draw on, instead of being a simple video-sharing website.

  3. Who can be a Newsonia.com reporter?

    Literally anyone in the world who has a camera or a smartphone by which videos and pictures can be recorded. Just be on the right place at the right time or have an eye for newsworthy things and you are just a few clicks away from being a Newsonia.com reporter.

  4. How can I be a Newsonia.com reporter?

    You make a video or take a photo. You go to Newsonia.com, register with a few simple steps, upload your content with a description to it, and here we go: you have become a Newsonia.com reporter.

  5. Do I have to register to upload content?


  6. How can I register?

    On the home page of Newsonia.com, you find a Sign Up button on the right side in the upper menu bar. You click on it, you give us your details and you click Register.

  7. How much is the minimum data I have to tell about myself to register?

    You have to at least give us your username, password and e-mail address. However, the more data you give us the easier for us to get in touch with you if there is any issue with your content. Also, the better your video and photo is credited to you, the more trustworthy reporter you are for the potential buyers.

  8. Can I upload content anonymously?

    You can set your account in a way that if you upload content it shows neither your name nor your username. In this case, of course, we handle the names of our users and their email addresses with confidentiality. However, we advise you to upload content with publishing your name, because this way you will be a more trustworthy and authentic reporter.

  9. What if I upload a video but it does not fit any of the categories provided such as crime, entertainment, action, weather, sports, business and politics?

    If your video or picture does not fit any of these categories, just put it in the Awesome group.

  10. Can I put my videos and photos in more than one categories?

    Yes. While holding the Ctrl button, you are able to select more than one categories.

  11. What are Tags and how many Tags should I assign to my video?

    You can assign key words to your video and photo in connection with what and who it is about. Tags are really useful when someone is searching for content in a specific topic. Therefore the more tags you assign to your video, the better people can find it on the site. It means that your video becomes more searchable and thus more popular. Be creative with your Tags! You can add as many Tags as you like.

  12. How can I set the thumbnail of my video or picture gallery?

    During the uploading process, you can set your thumbnail at the Choose Picture stage. The site will take three frames out of your video and you can choose which one to be your thumbnail. At this stage you can also add a picture that is not in your video to be your thumbnail. Make sure that your thumbnail is expressive and vivid so that it attracts more attention!

  13. For how long my uploaded content will be on Newsonia.com if no one wants to buy it?

    Once you upload your content, it will be on Newsonia.com forever, unless you unpublish it. Do not get discouraged if seemingly no one is interested in buying your video. You never know when a buyer will come looking for a video with your topic!

  14. What should I make a video or take a picture about?

    Anything that is interesting, fun or new. It is the most likely that someone will buy your video or picture if you take a shot about something that is or should be in the news or about something that only you or a few people have recordings about. Think outside of the box and open your eyes! You never know what comes to your way that is worth a shot!

  15. What should I NOT upload a video about?

    Newsonia.com would like you to upload videos and pictures made and taken by you and not anyone else! Therefore please do not upload, for example, video outtakes of news channels or scenes from a movie. Also, we do not accept pornographic, indecorous, abusive, propagandistic or other improper content.

  16. Do Newsonia.com admins have to approve my video or photo before it gets published or if I upload content it goes directly to the site?

    Newsonia.com admins have to approve your content before it gets published to avoid improper content on the site. Do not worry, our team monitors uploaded content 24/7 so you do not have to wait long until your videos or photos gets approved.

  17. Do I have to subtitle and edit my video?

    No, you don’t have to. You upload the raw content and if we buy it for our online TV, we do the rest, as any others who hopefully buy it, can edit it.

  18. In what formats can I upload my video or photo?

    You can upload your video in avi,mp4,wmv,flv,mkv,mov,mpg,mp2,dat,bin,dv,dvr,mjpg,mjpeg,ts,m4v,mk3d,ogm,ogv,vob,3gp and your photo in jpg, bmp, png and gif file format.

  19. What is the maximum size of my video or photo that I can upload?

    Your video and your photos can be maximum 200 MB.

  20. What is the maximum and minimum length of a video that I can upload?

    There is no restriction on this. However, it is unlikely that someone will buy a video that is only a few seconds long, unless they are an extremely important few seconds.

  21. Is there a minimum quality that my video and picture has to reach to get accepted?

    No, but the better quality your recording is the bigger the chance that someone will buy it. Do Newsonia.com admins have the right to change the title, description or location that I assigned to my video? Yes. This is because we would like to make your content as attractive as possible to buyers by making it more interesting and factually correct. Therefore we will correct spelling and grammar mistakes in the headlines and descriptions. For the same reason, we might write a more catchy headline or a more detailed and interesting description. Also, we might add tags to it so that buyers can easily find specific content on the site. We only change the location if we are 100% sure that the location set by you is incorrect.

  22. What is the official language of Newsonia.com?

    Since Newsonia.com is an international platform and agency, our official language is English. When you upload your video, you have to provide an English language description to it, and we use English subtitles for our edited reports.

  23. How much is my video or photo worth?

    The value of your video and picture is changing constantly. When you upload your content it is worth $100. Anyone can buy your uploaded video and it can be bought countless times, unless someone bids for exclusive rights to your footage, starting at $500. If nobody buys it, as the time passes its value continuously decreases because someone might get interested in it at a lower price. However, if someone buys it, its value jumps up again. It is just like stock exchange, but now you can trade with content!

  24. How do I get to know if someone buys my video or picture?

    If someone buys your content, Newsonia.com immediately informs you. You receive an email with the details of the purchase.

  25. How do I get paid for my content if someone buys it?

    If your account is at least 100 dollars you can start the transaction. Click on the transaction button give us your bank account number, fill out all the questions in your profile – here you cannot stay anonymous- and we transfer the money to you. Easy as that!

  26. How many videos and pictures can one reporter upload?

    You can upload as many videos and pictures as you like.

  27. Can I upload a picture gallery?

    Yes, you can upload more pictures about the same subject in one upload. In fact, you are advised to do this, as it is more likely that someone will buy a bunch of pictures about a subject than a single one.

  28. Can I upload more videos with a single upload?

    At the moment it is not possible. You have to upload your videos one by one.

  29. Can I buy videos from the site, add value to them by editing them into a complete report with some background information and then upload the report back to the site?

    Why not? Be creative with using Newsonia.com.

  30. Is there a commission fee if I would like to buy a video?

    Yes. If you would like to buy a video, you pay the value of it plus 20% commission fee.

  31. What are Newsonia.com contests?

    When one of our partners is in need of footage about a particular subject, we make a contest of it. We call on all our reporters around the world to make a video about the required subject. Then our reporters upload their videos and pictures, and our partner can decide and buy the one that is the best.

  32. How can I know that how many people have watched my video or photo and how its price have been changing?

    If you open your video or click on your photo, a column will appear next to them to the right. Here you can find all the data about your content, including the view count and the value history.

  33. In case someone buys my video or photo, can they legally use it for commercial use without crediting it to me?


  34. In case someone buys my video or photo, can I still use it for commercial use? What about if they buy exclusive rights to it?

    You can still use your photo and video if someone buys it. However, if someone buys it with exclusive rights you cannot use your image anymore.

  35. How can I get in touch with the Newsonia.com staff if I have any further questions or I need help?

    You can contact us via our online contact form that you find in the right bottom corner of the site. You can also drop us an email to newsonia@newsonia.com. Don’t be shy to ask or give us feedback!