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9-year-old rapper's dad accused of child abuse

The father of Lil Poopy, the 9-year-old rapper, is probed with child neglect complaint as his son performs sexually suggestive moves with adult women and raps about being a "cocaine cowboy" in music videos. The authorities investigate whether the boy is subject to child abuse. He appears in sexually suggestive videos where he is slapping women’s backside and rides in a Ferrari. He also sings about being a bad boy and a cocaine cowboy. The complaint was filed by police in the rapper’s hometown of Brockton, Massachusetts initiating child welfare officials to look into the case. The lawyer of the family coined the investigation as "racially-tinged". The lawyer described Lil Poopy a well-adjusted fourth-grader with a good family life and musical talent. He also argued that the content at stake is protected by the First Amendment of the US constitution, which guarantees free speech.

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Location: Brockton, MA, USA
Location: Brockton, MA, USA
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