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Boy Hailed A Hero After Bus Crashes Into Pond

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A 10-year-old boy has been hailed a hero after he rescued fellow students from a bus that crashed into a pond and overturned - reported the SkyNews.

Nicholas Sierra sprang into action after the vehicle veered off the road in Tampa, Florida, the Tampa Bay Times reported.

As other children scrambled to get out, Nicholas grabbed a younger child and made sure she got to safety.

He then went back into the partly submerged bus and emerged with two more youngsters.

"It wouldn't be fair if they died and I lived," he told the newspaper afterwards.

Parents rushed to the scene once they heard what had happened, and police who arrived on the scene dived into the water to make sure all of the children were safe.

It is not clear what caused the bus to crash and overturn in the 4ft deep pond on Thursday.

None of the 27 children on the bus were seriously injured in the accident, which is being investigated.

Local police said the driver has not been cited in relation to the incident and at the moment is not facing any charges.

Nicholas' mother Deborah told the newspaper: "He has a good heart and always wants to help people around him.

"I think we're going to give him a homework pass for the night."

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