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Chris the baby piglet gets wheelchair

Chris P. Beacon was recognized to be without the use of his back legs soon after it was born. Its caretakers, however, really wanted it to be a happy little piglet, so they built a wheelchair for it. Chris was first suspiciously investigating the tool. Later it got used to it and now it can do whatever it wants and can go wherever it wants.
Chris is not the only animal that is helped out by wheels.
This 11 year old yellow Labrador has the illness of degenerative myelopathy. He was given a wheelchair and now he can go for longer walks if he wishes to.
This sea turtle lost its front legs due to a shark attack. The Japanese rescuers developed a rubber flipper attached to a vest slipped over its head so it could swim again.
This cat was unfortunately hit by a car a few days before she was equipped with a wheelchair. She is a bit afraid from the first steps but then she is happy to get back her life before the accident.
Summer, a sheep with neurological damage due to meningeal worms, got a wheelchair to help her rehabilitate. Summer's first steps, tentative at first, were after several weeks of being down.
Finally, even birds can be helped by wheels if they have broken wings. Sandwich, the Citron cockatoo, was paralyzed from years of poor caging and a bad diet. This wheelchair allows him to scoot around and explore while not dragging his legs and body.

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