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Cow appears to ignite gasses

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This bemused-looking cow was snapped in Issy l'evÍque, France, appearing to let one of his 500 litres of gas slip.
The perfectly-timed picture was captured by Bertrand Kulik as a fire blazed on the farm.

As a methane machine, the cow produces up to 500 litres of the toxic gas every day because he regurgitates his food, and on this occasion it appeared his efforts were enough to light up the field - or so it would seem.
Cows shoulder a lot of the blame for global warming.

Agriculture is responsible for about 14 per cent of greenhouse gases and as more cows are raised for slaughter the production of methane increases.

While cars are often named as the worse culprit for emitting pollutants, experts say the estimated 1.5 billion cattle in the world are also affecting the Earth's atmosphere.

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