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Iranian woman dancing in protest in Tehran

A woman has protested against Iranian laws banning women from dancing and being seen without a veil in public - by recording herself doing both.

The unknown lady can be seen in the video dancing on the Tehran subway to Salute by British group Little Mix - a song encouraging women to stand up for themselves.
In the act of defiance, the woman makes no attempt to hide her face - despite the laws over dancing and veil wearing - while other passengers watch her during the one-minute video.

The video was uploaded yesterday to the My Stealthy Freedom Facebook page - where Iranian women post photographs and videos of themselves without their hijabs in acts of defiance.
The one-minute clip on the Facebook group - which has more than 700,000 likes - has itself attracted about 25,000 likes, more than 3,000 comments and more than 8,000 shares.

Iran's president Hassan Rouhani has spoken in the past about the strict Islamic dress code, saying that he was against a clampdown on women wearing looser clothing in the hot summer months.
He said the ‘virtue’ of a woman who does not comply with clothing laws should not be questioned, adding that ‘many women in our society who do not respect our hijab laws are virtuous’.

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