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Japan students make world longest cake

In Tokyo a team of 90 confectioners and students set up a new world record for longest cake - 130.68m roll cake.

The army of cooks used 54kg flour, 43kg sugar and 2,682 eggs in their record-breaking cake.

It was declared the world’s longest roll cake by Guinness World Records.
The team beat the previous record of 115.09m which was also made in Japan in 2011.

According to Guinness World Records the previous record-holder was Shotengai Shinkokumiai Takasaki Chubu Meitengai and Takasaki Chuoginza Shotengai Shinkokumiai in Takasaki.

The winning cake was decorated with 100kg of whipped cream, 10kg of sugar, 45g of gold powder and other ingredients.

On Thursday, April 18, the team was presented with their official certificate to prove they had cooked their way into the record books with their 130m long creation.

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