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Photographer captures terrifying vision of future

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An exhausted spirit-like creature, emerging from the depths of the ocean, is weighed down by the tons of decay and waste that make up her long gown.

"The Prophecy," contain haunting photo series created by Belgian-Beninese photographer Fabrice Monteiro and a Senegalese stylist known as Doulsy.

In the series, trash is turned into garments of haute couture. Monteiro explains that he used the story of the ancient Greek goddess Gaia to construct his narrative. Each model is one of Gaia's children, embodying nine of her concerns:

"Gaia, the mother earth, (is) exhausted by her incapacity to maintain the natural cycles of the planet in front of new modes of life and consumption. She resolves to send her djinns (children), to let them appear to the humans and deliver a message of warning and empowerment."

Using this story as a starting point, Monteiro and Doulsy tackled modern day issues such as ocean waste, global warming and careless consumer culture in the photos.


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