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Researchers out to find great white sharks in movie 'Jaws' territory

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The largest great white shark expedition in U.S. history is at sea off the coast of Massachusetts -- the same waters fictionally terrorized by the most infamous great white of them all in the film "Jaws", reported CNN.

"Expedition Cape Cod 2013" is led by OCEARCH, a nonprofit that researches and tracks the migration of sharks, among other things, on its Global Shark Tracker website.

OCEARCH researchers, who set out on Monday, will spend the next month trying to capture, tag and release 20 great white sharks in the water off of Cape Cod, Massachusetts -- an area that has seen an uptick in shark visits in recent years.

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"The increased summertime population of great white sharks off Cape Cod has drawn significant science and public safety attention," said Greg Skomal, who is heading up the team of researchers. Their study will seek to find out why
Tony LaCasse, spokesman for the New England Aquarium in Boston, says the increase in shark sightings in that part of the world is actually the result of a very good thing: the return of an ecosystem.
White sharks love to dine on gray seals, and gray seals eat fish -- the very same fish Massachusetts fishermen were trying to catch. It was custom for them to be shot on site a generation ago, explains LaCasse.

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Location: United States
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