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Syrians commit chlorine attack in Syria

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Official source asserted on Saturday that Jaish al-Islam terrorists positioned in their last bastion of Douma are in a state of dramatic collapse before the Syrian Arab Army, reported Syrian Arab News Agency.

The official source told SANA in a statement that media affiliates of Jaish al-Islam terrorists are repeating the allegations of using chemical weapons in order to accuse the Syrian Arab army, in a blatant attempt to hinder the Army’s advance.

Some media outlets, known for their support to the terrorists, claimed that the army used chemical weapons in the city of Douma during its military operations in response to the attacks carried out by the terrorist organization on several Damascus neighborhoods and its surroundings.

The same source went on to say that the Syrian Arab Army, which is making a swift and determined advance, does not need to use any chemical materials as claimed by terrorists’ media affiliates.

The chemical fabrications, which did not serve the terrorists and their sponsors in Aleppo and Eastern Ghouta, will not serve them today either, as the Syrian state is determined to end terrorism in every square inch of Syrian territory, the official source added.

Jaish al-Islam terrorists breached Douma agreement by attacking with mortar and rocket shells several residential areas of Damascus, claiming the lives and injuring dozens of civilians, including women and children.

The Syrian Arab Army units targeted Jaish al-Islam positions in Douma area in response to their mortar and rocket attacks, inflicting heavy losses upon the terrorist organizations.


The United States strongly condemned an alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria’s Eastern Ghouta late Saturday, saying Russia bore some responsibility due to its “unwavering support” for the regime, reported The Times of Israel.

Douma, the last opposition holdout in Eastern Ghouta, was pounded by renewed airstrikes that killed 70 civilians in around 24 hours — while 11 people also suffered breathing problems.

First responders have accused forces loyal to President Bashar Assad of using poisonous chlorine gas.

“The Assad regime and its backers must be held accountable and any further attacks prevented immediately,” US State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said in a statement.

“Russia, with its unwavering support for the regime, ultimately bears responsibility for these brutal attacks.”

Nauert repeated the US’s previous assertions that Moscow had “breached its commitments to the United Nations as a framework guarantor” and questioned the Kremlin’s commitment to ending the crisis.

“Russia’s protection of the Assad regime and failure to stop the use of chemical weapons in Syria calls into question its commitment to resolving the overall crisis and to larger non-proliferation priorities,” she said, calling upon Moscow to join international efforts to prevent further attacks.

The Syrian regime has been repeatedly accused of using chemical weapons, with the United Nations among those blaming government forces for a deadly sarin gas attack on the opposition-held village of Khan Sheikhun in April 2017.

Since February 18, the regime’s Ghouta offensive has killed more than 1,600 civilians.


Jabhat al-Nusra (a group outlawed in Russia) and the Free Syrian Army are planning chemical attacks with the use of chlorine in areas under their control, including Daraa’s district of Al-Balad, the chief of Russia’s center for the reconciliation of conflicting parties in Syria, Major-General Yuri Yevtushenko, said earlier, and reported TASS (Russia).

"The ringleaders of Jabhat al-Nusra and the Free Syrian Army, which are acting together, are plotting explosions of makeshift chemical charges containing chlorine in a number of areas under their control, including Al Balad in Daraa," he said.

Tipoffs about preparations being made for provocations in the south of Syria, including the use of chemical warfare agents, Yevtushenko said, had been received from the group Jaish Ahrar Al-Ashair, which has taken the government’s side.

Yevtushenko said "the militants plan to photograph and video the alleged effects of chemical weapons and show the clips to the public at large to blame government troops for civilians casualties, as well as to provide excuses for their own actions to disrupt ceasefire in Daraa."

The equipment for catching phony chemical attacks on camera is already in place and other preparations are on, he said.

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