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Town in Norwegian valley enjoys winter sunlight for the first time

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Giant mirrors will bring a Norwegian town its first rays of sunshine this winter.
The industrial town of Rjukan is nestled deep in a valley floor in rugged Telemark county.
With the sun moving low across the sky during winter, it gets no direct sunlight between September and March.

Helicopters have hoisted three huge mirrors into position some 450 metres above the town at the top of the valley.
Known as heliostats, they have been designed to trace the movement of the sun and reflect the light directly onto Rjukan's main square.

Steinar Bergsland, the town's mayor, told The Telegraph: 'It is really special to stand in the light down on the square and feel the heat. This is for the pale little children of Rjukan.'

After five years of debate, Rjukan town council finally agreed to to build the mirrors.
They are controlled by a computer to follow the path of then sun, adjusting to the best angle to ensure the town square is bathed in light.
Solar panels will power equipment to automatically wash the mirrors and move them into position.
Designers hope the sunshine will revitalise the town during the winter months.

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Location: Rjukan, Norway
Location: Rjukan, Norway
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