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TV host drinks milk from woman's breasts

A Dutch TV host has shocked viewers when he drank breast milk from a mother’s breasts on his primetime family show. Paul de Leeuw turned down to drink breast milk from a bottle, and instead asked to drink from a mother's breasts.

The openly gay comedian welcomed a group of nursing mothers who founded a charity that facilitates breast milk exchanges between mothers in his "Langs de Leeuw" programme.

De Leeuw wondered if breast milk tastes "nice and sweet," and asked the women if he could taste some.

When one of the women offered him a bottle, he declined, saying he would prefer to drink it 'directly from the source'.

"Well, if you don't bite you may try it," the volunteer said.
The host proceeded to walk towards the mother, who took off the breast pumps connected to her breasts, and then he began sucking on the woman's right nipple. After a few seconds, he transferred to her left breast.

"I find the second one better tasting, but I can taste that you've eaten asparagus yesterday," he said in Dutch.

To which the woman playfully responded, "Well, not yesterday but Tuesday."

The segment was criticised online, with various Netizens questioning the volunteer, named Wendy, why she allowed De Leeuw to suck on her nipples on a family show.

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