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Two children burnt on Halloween night

Two boys are in hospital after a firework accident leaves them with
burns to their faces and hands in the UK in Great Manchester. Two boys, 10 and 11-year-old suffered serious burns in their bodies.
in Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service spokesman said.
The firework involved was a display rocket, known as an onion bomb
which is not for sale to the general public.
Vicky Stephenson, the mother of the second boy who was injured, said:
Dale was outside talking with others, and after, he was shocked because the firework exploded and he'd burnt his face.
To use illegal fireworks very dangerous- said usually the firemen - every year
there are accidents with using them.
All over the world there is also typical to have a firework accident, but not
in this time of the year, more like New Year’s Eve.

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