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Watch sail ship capsize

The SAP Extreme Sailing Team capsized on Saturday, November 16, the penultimate day of the Extreme Sailing Series.

Variable winds made conditions difficult for the competitors in Florianopolis and in the day's seventh race the Danish Extreme 40 team, helmed by Jes Gram-Hansen, were hit by the day's biggest gust which caused the boat to tip over and capsize.

No one was seriously hurt in the incident and with overnight repairs being carried out on the boat the crew are hopeful that they will be able to participate on the final day.

The experienced Danish match racers quickly rallied round, craning their Extreme 40 out of the water within three hours of the incident occurring.

The fleet took to the Florianopolis Stadium for the penultimate day's racing of 2013 without the invited home nation representative, Team Brazil Mapfre, who were unable to repair damage sustained to their bowsprit and traveller during yesterday's racing.

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Location: Brazil
Location: Brazil
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