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Arachnophobics Should Look Away - 4-ACRE Spider Web

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The warmer weather is said to have caused thousands of spiders to flood homes, but if you’re concerned about the invasion, spare a thought for the owners of a waste treatment plant in the US, reported MailOnline.

The Baltimore property was so riddled with arachnids that webbing covered approximately 95 per cent of the entire building.

This was the equivalent to four acres - or three American football fields - and was said to house more than 107 million of the eight-legged critters.

Experts estimated there were around 35,176 spiders per cubic square metre of space. Each spider measured around half an inch, including legs.

These spiders included a species known as a Long-jawed orb weaver, or Tetragnathidae, typically found in damp or swamp habitats. They have long slim bodies with shiny abdomens.

Orb webs produced by the Araneidae species, of which the Tetragnathidae is a member, are used for catching prey.
Other webs are used either for reproduction, or to help spiders find their way back to a specific location.

The giant web was originally reported by the owners of the Baltimore Wastewater Treatment Plant to pest controllers in 2009, and the photos were released as part of a Halloween feature on Wired.

The were taken from Albert Greene’s paper, ‘An Immense Concentration of Orb-Weaving Spiders With Communal Webbing in a Man-Made Structural Habitat’.

According to the researchers, the webbing was so heavy it even damaged light fixtures and clumps of web were, in some places, as ‘thick as a fire hose.’

Read more at dailymail.co.uk.

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