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Ferrero confirms change of Nutella recipe

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There has been an outcry from Nutella lovers everywhere after Ferrero announced it had changed its beloved formula, reported News.com.au (Australia).

The news was posted onto the German consumer group Hamburg Consumer Protection Centre’s Facebook page.

The company wrote that Nutella will now contain 8.7 per cent of powdered skim milk, in comparison to the 7.5 per cent of what was previously stated on the label.
Also, other changes include the sugar content rising from 55.9 per cent to
56.3 per cent.

Ferrero issued the statement confirming the adjustment but said the quality and all other aspects of Nutella would remain the same.
However, the company announced the spread would change to a slightly lighter colour, due to the recipe change.

Ferrero defended its decision saying other brands regularly made adjustments to their products.
But it was no solace to Nutella fans who took to social media to vent their grief about the controversial change to their beloved recipe.

One user on Twitter wrote: “Why did u change the Nutella formula. How could u do this. I thought we meant something to each other. That u could never change.”

Some fans have even urged a boycott of the favourite nutty spread.

Others chose the moment to spread their dislike of the product: “As if #Nutella wasn’t bad enough yet, there’s more milk in it now, more fat, less cacao. & Still palm oil. Choose a different brand people!”

The change comes after Nutella was criticised from Hungary’s food safety authority, which found that its local Nutella was not as creamy as those sold in the neighbouring country of Austria.

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