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Google's $35 million mystery barge finds new home

Google's ‘mystery barge’ has finally floated to its new home in the California delta on Thursday (March 6), after the online enterprise was ordered to move it from San Francisco, reports The Daily Mail.

The 50ft tall, four-story vessel is made of recycled shipping containers and said to be part of a three-vessel fleet that would cost Google Inc. about $35 million.

After construction halted late last year when it emerged they lacked the proper building permits, Google decided to move the project, supposedly set to serve as an ‘interactive technology centre’ to Stockton.

A state commission says the barge will be used to showcase technology and for marketing, reports AFP.

The barge is at the port under a standard six-month lease, with the monthly fee expected to range from $10,000 to $12,000, depending on the official length of the vessel, according to Aschieris.

"If they need to stay longer, they are welcome," he said. "If they need to leave early, that is fine too."

The vessel cast off from Treasure Island, off the coast of San Francisco, after it turned out the city didn't have permits for Google or anyone else to construct a vessel at a dock there.

Google is working to get the necessary approvals from the US Coast Guard for the waterborne creation.

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