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Woman catches public transport to her wedding

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Before bride-to-be Leanne Cole got to walk down the aisle, she first had to walk down the aisle of a Merseyrail train to get to her wedding.

The budget-conscious 34-year-old decided against the usual stretch limo or horse-drawn carriage, preferring instead the 10.50 from Fazakerley.

Dressed in her wedding gown, and with her hair and make-up just so, Leanne walked from her mum’s house down to the station and waited for the train like it was any other day.

But the romantics at Merseyrail got wind of Leanne’s plan (her mum told them!) and decided that she deserved a little bit more than the usual service.

They decorated the middle carriage of the train – and the stations at Fazakerley and Central in Liverpool – in the same colours as Leanne’s flowers, adding the message ‘All the best to Leanne and Andrew on your wedding day’ on the train and on the platform information boards.

They even splashed out on champagne for Leanne and her bridesmaids.

Leanne said: ‘I can’t believe what they have done for me. It’s absolutely fantastic.

‘We didn’t want to pay for a flashy car when we’ve got a perfectly good service on our doorstep and we’re on a budget.’

Presumably husband Andrew Corkery, 29, got to the wedding venue via a more conventional method – but it had better not have been costly, otherwise there’ll be hell to pay, reported Metro.

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